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I'm made of 100% post-consumer PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) single-use packaging waste. A vast majority of our worldwide plastic pollution problem is generated by single-use plastic packaging. The excessive use and improper disposal of  plastics is slowly poisoning the environment and endangering our future. ReCyrcle is committed to preventing the leakage of these materials into the environment by collecting and processing them into 3D filaments. Now, it is your opportunity to bring your ideas to life responsibly. 

ReCyrcle Autumn Orange rPET

SKU: 00009
Color: Orange Autumn Leaf
  • rPET Filament - Autumn Orange

    Our colour schemes come from naturally sourced pigments that are not harmful to the environment. 

    Weight: 750g

    Diameter: 1.75mm

    Store in cool and dry conditions

  • Not satisfied with your order, let us know! We would not want these materials to go to waste. We are truly committed to Designing a World Without Waste. 

    We only ask that the product is new and mostly unopened for a full refund within 30 days of delivery. 

    Please contact us at

    Include your order number and details about the product that you would like to return so we can process your inquiry.


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